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The Secret is the first fanfiction in the Melting Ice series by Nightfern. One frosty day, a fey dies, a baby is orphaned, a nursemaid sacrifices herself, and a grave secret is created. These are the pieces of the puzzle young Ariella is trying to find alongside her best friend Prince Ash and her adopted daughter and soulmate, Awentia. Can Ariella figure out the truth before it's too late? The most beautiful winter sidhe's story as she tries to uncover a deadly secret. Read more...

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  • Nightfern

    Welcome to IFFW

    September 11, 2011 by Nightfern

    Welcome to the one and only Iron Fey Fanfiction Wiki!

    Here, you can write Iron Fey fanfiction by creating a new page and adding a story template. If you're writing a fanfiction series (one or more fan…

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