This page includes all of the characters for the Melting Ice series by Nightfern.

Ariella's Secret Edit

Winter FeyEdit


Ariella- the most beautiful sidhe in Tir Na Nog. Long, shiny, waist-length pure silver hair, a pale complextion,
Ariella Grass

Ariella in mortal form

rosy cheeks, and dark violet eyes. Tall, slender, and graceful, with rose-red, full lips. Originally had dark brown hair in waves before she was revived to life by Maple as a newborn.

Siotha- medium height phouka with bright red hair in tight curls, with golden eyes and furred ears. Nursemaid of Ariella, and best friend.

Maple- tall and slender, winter sidhe nursemaid to Ariella before she died. Straight black hair below the shoulder and warm, melting brown eyes, and red lips.

Frostwoods- stunning winter sidhe, tall and slim, with waist-length chocolate brown hair in natural waves and ice blue eyes. Mother of Ariella. Died during childbirth.

Helena- black-haired fey with cold hazel eyes. The adoptive mother of Ariella. Cold, unkind, and disliked by Ariella.


Awentia- tall, graceful light brown doe with long legs, a beautiful, gentle face, large, dark brown eyes, and long black lashes. Adopted by Ariella after being orphaned. Ariella's best friend and constant companion, and they seem to be able to speak to each other in their head.